Biserica Ortodoxa Româna Sfânta Maria

~Nasterea Maicii Domnului~

Saint Mary Romanian Orthodox Church

Norfolk, VA                                     The Nativity of The Mother of God

Sfânt esti Doamne Dumnezeul nostru, din Care izvoraste întelepciunea si întelegerea, toata taria si puterea, toata sanatatea si frumusetea.

Holy are You, O Lord our God; from Whom comes all wisdom and knowledge, all strength and power, all health and beauty!

Treime Sfanta, Slava Tie!


Thank you for visiting with us!


We welcome you in the name of the Most Holy and Life creating Trinity, The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit!

We are the Romanian Orthodox community in Hampton Roads. Our small community is formed mainly of people who immigrated to this area from Romania throughout the years. Romania is a Christian country since the 1st century, when Saint Andrew, the Apostle traveled to the area to proclaim the Gospel. Today, more than 95% percent of the Romanians declare themselves to be Christians, and more than 80% are Orthodox Christians. Wishing to preserve the Apostolic Faith, the Holy Tradition, but also the Romanian traditions and customs, a group of people from Hampton Roads decided to form an Orthodox Mission. Their wish came true and in 2007 Saint Mary Romanian Orthodox Church was registered with the State of Virginia.

The services are in Romanian, but they follow the same structure all the other Orthodox churches follow, so you'll feel right at home. All services are now held at our new location in Norfolk: 1821 Lafayette Blvd.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting to know us.